Customer Feedback



"Our bear Scarlett has helped May come to understand it's what she needs along with her big sister Bethany too. As she kept asking how long will she have it for or when will she have it out. It's also one of the bears she has for surgery days too.  She hugs and kisses the bear too and its never far away from her"



"We purchased a teddy bear with a NG tube and cannula for my son who was born 10 weeks premature. These lovely teddies help normalise differences and it will be lovely for him to look back on when he’s older. Thank you - what you are doing is really special for those children that are poorly. Things like this make the world of difference."


"We are so happy our little girl finally has a bear like her at 2 months old she was operated on at gosh as she has hydrocephalus she got this being being born early and now she can look at her teddy which has the scars as she gets older she will understand why she has them by looking at her bear she will be taking it to all her appointments from now on"


"I was so grateful for Fiona’s monkey, my friends grandson was over the moon with him, he was going through chemo, and it helped so much that his monkey bear was ‘just like him’ with a PICC line and feeding tube. He never lets this monkey go, and is always by his side, it certainly helping with his recovery. Thank you so much"